The Bottle Is Your Microphone

Join The Party

  • Lovesong Wines is about an experience – a shared moment with friends and/or loved ones. Just as music brings people together, wine and music together create a deeper experience. Our message and branding are all centered on this idea.

  • Lovesong Wines is launching with two music-centric brands: 2016 Karaoke Warrior Chardonnay (Yakima Valley) and 2016 Lip Sync Superstar Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley).

  • From our branding to our 3D holographic labels to the boxes which represent the thrill of being on stage or in the audience, our message is clear: embrace your inner musician if you like to sing karaoke with Karaoke Warrior, or if you prefer to act, lip sync along with Lip Sync Superstar.

  • As millennials now make up the largest wine buying demographic in the U.S, they are our target market. Our naming, colorful labeling, and packaging are all designed with this in mind. Our labels reflect and refract light from large distances with a wide array of vibrant colors. For box stacks, when the top box is cut along the horizontal bias, our bottles are “on stage” in front of an ecstatic “audience”.

  • In Q4 2018 we will begin designing custom AR (augmented reality) for our bottles. Through the use of smartphones, our labels will come alive right in front of the consumer. Being a music-centric brand, we will be incorporating strong mnemonic elements and musical components to elevate the experience of the brand, and invite the consumer into the brand experience.

  • As the AR platform is rolled out, in 2019 we will be developing an app platform through which consumers can insert themselves into the karaoke and lip sync experience in a unique way. These experiences will be sharable on all major social platforms, and in addition to our own branding being embedded, we will open the platform to third party wine industry companies to advertise and cross-pollinate, in order to continue building our brand and monetizing advertising through our IP.

  • Our history of doing hundreds of marketing campaigns for Facebook has given us a front row seat to the most modern social media marketing techniques. By compiling sales data with social media marketing data, we will be able to focus in on creative solutions to generate content that has direct sales results. While other wine brands are targeted to and speak at the consumer, our brand will be among the first, if not the first, to make our brand about the consumers’ actions and experiences. The bottle represents not only a microphone, but a device through which people can lower their inhibitions and embrace their inner musician and entertainer – to put themselves “in the spotlight”.